Registration information




To be registered, the child must be four years old before October 1

A complete registration consists of 5 steps:

1.     Info session Catholic Schools


2.     Online registration at


3.     Documentation/information

3.1.  2 passport pictures

3.2.  1 Catholic baptism paper

3.3.  1 vaccination paper up to date

3.4.  1 registration form from the Census Office with ID nr. Not older than 6 months

3.5.  Proof of Dutch nationality or passport/residence permit/Birth paper


4.     Parenting sessions

4.1.  Attendance of Active Parenting Sessions (3 sessions) Dates will be given by the school


5.     Screening

5.1.  Screening; During morning hours, a date will be assigned to you.
After the screening, on the same day, you are expected to make the payment of Naf. 350,-- or $ 198.00.
Payment consists of
Registration fee Naf. 50,00 or $ 28.00 (not for children from  the SKOS Early Stimulation)
The annual Parental Contribution towards books and school materials Naf. 300,-- or $170.00



Failure to meet all the “Registration Requirements” will result in putting the registration on hold; registration will only be approved or completed when the parent(s) have complied with all requirements listed above. This also includes the participation in the 3 Active Parenting Sessions and the Screening.





The regular monthly fee, to be paid in advance during the first week of the month, is:

Half days       Naf. 325,- or $180,-   Time: -7:00 AM to 12:45 PM

Whole days   Naf. 415,- or $230,-             -7:00 AM to  5:00 PM



Initial payment to be made at registration:

-Naf. 385,- or $215.- half days
Naf. 470.- or $265,- whole days

This payment includes: a one-time registration fee of Naf.50,- or $28,- 
                                          an annual insurance fee of Naf.10,- or $5,50.

(Fees listed above are subject to change)

Registration:  ON LINE –  select “registration

Required Documents:

-        Baptism Certificate (if child is Catholic)

-        Registration form from the Civil Registry (Census Office)

-        Dutch Passport or proof of Dutch Nationality

-        Vaccination Card

-        2 recent passport pictures

-        Initial payment (listed above)

 Important Notices:

  1. Only Catholics attending our Early Childhood Stimulation Program are guaranteed placement in any of our Primary Schools. Catholics have preference whether they are in the program or not. Due to the fact that compulsory education starts at age four (4), there will be a mandatory registration process for all children entering group 1.
  2. There will be an introductory meeting with the management team of the Primary School, parent(s) and child. This information will be given to you by the Primary School
  3. If your child has any mental or physical challenges, please do not register him/her at a regular school, as our teachers are not trained to work with challenged children.
  4. In order for your child to remain in the program, your fullest cooperation is a MUST.