St.Dominic Primary

About the St. Dominic Primary School



In June of 1987, the contract for the construction of a new elementary school was signed. Initially the building was supposed to be the new facility for the Sister Magda Primary School , but the new building would have been too small from the beginning for the Sister Magda School.
Taking the interest of the future of St. Maarten into consideration, Mr. Voges, superintendent of the Foundation of Catholic Education, proposed to establish a new school with English as the language of instruction in all groups of the school.
This was accepted by the School board in their meeting of June 1987.
It was also brought forward in a school board meeting to name the school after the patron saint of the Dominican Sisters, who were the pioneers of Catholic Education in St. Maarten. As it was a good idea it was decided that the new school would be called St. Dominic Primary School .

The first principal of the new St. Dominic Primary school was Mr. Frans van Veghel. As the school progressed the need for English Secondary Education became more and more urgent. The St. Dominic Secondary school was founded. 
Mrs. Judith Halley was appointed principal for both schools. After seeing the different nature of the two schools, it was decided to split the management of the both schools. Mrs Jane Buncamper became principal of the High school; Mrs. Halley could fully concentrate on the primary section.

In 2004 Mrs. Althea Barry took over from Mrs. Halley. The school expanded and became one of the leading schools with English as the language of instruction.

In 2013 Mrs. Janice Mussington took over from Mrs. Barry. An ambitious plan was started to expand the school with extra classes. In August 2014 the expansion was completed. The school could occupy the newly constructed rooms.