Early Stimulation

It is evident that an early childhood education program is beneficial for all. Having such a program in place will enrich and stimulate the vocabulary of the age group, among other things.  Children will quicker become proficient in either the English or Dutch Language.  They will be better prepared for Group 1 in Primary school. They will be able to express themselves fluently and with confidence.  Eventually, this early start will reflect on the exam results (end of Group 8). The early exposure to the language of instruction will diminish the difficulties parents, who are not versed in the language, go through when trying to recruit help for their children. 


The Foundation for Catholic Education opened its first Early Childhood Stimulation classrooms in South Reward, next to the Risen Christ Church, in the Risen Christ Community Center (former Sister Basillia Center) in January 2014. In this Early Stimulation the Foundation caters to children who are three (3) before October 1.
After this one year program the children, who celebrate their fourth birthday (4) by October 1, will be going to Group 1 for the next school year.

In August 2014 the program was expanded to the St. Dominic Primary School and the Sr. Magda Primary school. From August 2015 the program is also offered in the Sister Marie Laurence School and the Sr. Borgia Elementary School.

After our one year program children, that are baptized Catholics, will flow to Group 1 in one of our Primary schools. Non baptized Catholics will be placed once space is available. The language of instruction is Dutch, in an effort to expose the children to the language at an early age. The ones who will go to an English school will be getting Dutch as a subject from Group 1, so they will have the advantage of having already been introduced to the language.

We are offering two programs.
The first being the half day program from 7:00 AM till 12:45 PM. 
The second is the whole day program from 7:00 AM till 5:00 PM.
The daily lunch is served to the children in the whole day program.

Please see the registration section for details on registering your child in one of our Early Childhood Stimulation schools.